You must know these Windows 11 shortcut keys.

Windows 11 shortcut keys: The newest launch by Microsoft is Microsoft Windows 11 series. The windows 11 series will be so much different from the previous version of Microsoft Windows as Microsoft had mentioned earlier in June 2021 that Windows 11 is going to be a major change in the world of Operating systems.

One of the most important and user-oriented features is Keyboard shortcuts, Keyboard shortcuts do several things on your fingertips, but these keyboard shortcuts also save time.


Keyboard shortcuts of Windows 11 Operating system are moreover based on

  1. Improved animations
  2. Improving multitasking capabilities
  3. Improving and providing better customization in the UI.
  4. Providing much more and better accessibility features

* Microsoft Windows 11 comes with some cool and new keyboard shortcuts to improve the users’ overall experience.

These keyboards are moreover related to control

  1. Action Center
  2. Layouts
  3. Widgets
  4. Quick settings

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Some Useful Shortcuts Keys For Windows 11

Windows key+AThis command will open the windows Action Centre for you.
Windows key+ CThis command will open Microsoft Teams for you, As windows 11 had built-in integration of Microsoft Teams.
Windows key+ WThis Command key will open the Widgets for you.
Windows key+ ZThis Command will get you Quick access to Snap the layout of the programs.
Windows key+ NThis Command is simply designed to open the Notification bar Quickly.

Text Editing Based shortcuts Keys For Windows 11

Ctrl + CThis command will copy the selected item
Ctrl + XThis Command will Cut the selected Items.
Ctrl +VThis command will paste the selected item at the desired place.
Ctrl +BThis will Create A Bold Appearance to the selection.
Ctrl + IThis will Create An  Italics  Appearance to the selection.
Ctrl + UThis will Create An Underline Appearance to the selection.
Home ButtonThis will move the cursor to the starting of the current line.
End ButtonThis will move the cursor to the end of the line.

General Windows 11 shortcut Keys That Are Frequently Useful

Alt  + TabThis command helps you to switch between Apps.
Alt + F4This Shortcut key will Close Apps and Programs.
Win + LThis will Directly lock down your PC.
Win + DThis Key will directly take you to your Desktop from Apps directly.
Alt + underlined letterThis key will makes the Command of the Underlined text to be performed.
Alt + EnterThis will open the Properties of the selected item/folder/files.
Alt + SpacebarThis will open a shortcut menu for the open window.
Alt + Left arrowThis will take you Back
Alt + Right arrowThis will take you forward.
Alt + Page UpThis will take you Move up one screen.
Alt + Page DownThis will take you Move down one screen.
Ctrl + F4This command closes the Active Document
Ctrl + AThis will select all the text in a document or files/folder in a window.
Ctrl + DTemporary deletes items and moves them to Recycle Bin.
Ctrl + RThis refreshes the current opened screen.
Ctrl + YThis command is used to Redo an action.
Ctrl + Right arrowThis command is used to  Move the cursor to the starting of the next word.
Ctrl + Left arrowThis command is used to  Move the cursor to the starting of the previous word.
Ctrl + Down arrowThis command is used to  Move the cursor to the starting of the next paragraph
Ctrl + Up arrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the Last paragraph.
Ctrl + Alt + TabWith the help of the arrow keys, it can be used to switch between all open apps
Alt + Shift + arrow keysWhen a group of tiles is in focus on the Start menu, move it in the direction specified.
Ctrl + Shift + arrow keysWhen a tile is in focus on the Start menu, move it into another tile to create a folder.
Ctrl + arrow keysThis will resize the start menu when it is in the open state.
Ctrl + arrow key+ spacebarThis command helps you to select individual items in a single window.
Ctrl + Shift with an arrow keyThis command selects a block of text
Ctrl + EscThis will open the Start Menu.
Ctrl + Shift + EscThis commands Opens Task Manager
Ctrl + ShiftThis provides an option to switch your keyboard layouts if multiple layouts are enabled.
Ctrl + SpacebarTurn the Chinese input mode off and on.
Shift + F10This Command simply Displays the shortcut menu for the selected item.
Shift + DeleteDelete the selected item Permanently,
EscThis Command StopsOperations
PrtScn ButtonThis Command Takes a screenshot of the whole screen and copies it to the clipboard.

F1 to F12 Shortcut keys For Windows 11

The function keys From F1 to F12 also adds a significant amount of comfort and flexibility to the work, In windows 11 they are assigned as.

F2This Renames the selected item.
F3This Searches for a file or folder in File Explorer.
F4This key displays the address bar.
F5This key Refresh the active window.
F6This key help to cycle through the desktop
F10Opens Menu in the Applications
F11Enforces the window in full screen and minimizes it also

File Explorer shortcut Keys for windows 11

Alt + DThis command Select the address bar.
Ctrl + EThis command Selects the search box
Ctrl + NThis Opens a new window
Ctrl + WThis Closes the active window
Ctrl + mouse scroll wheelThis changes the appearance of Files and Folders in the window.
Ctrl + Shift + EThis Display all folders above the selected folder
Ctrl + Shift + NThis command Creates a new folder
Num Lock + asterisk (*)Displays all subfolders in the selected folder
Num Lock + plus (+)Shows  the contents of the selected folder
Num Lock + minus (-)This key collapses the current folder and its subfolders
Alt + PShows you the preview panel
Alt + EnterLaunches  the Properties dialog box for the selected item
Alt + Right arrowShows the next folder
Alt + Up arrowOpens  the folder that the folder was in
Alt + Left Arrow or BackspaceShows the previously opened folder
Right arrowShows the current selection
Left arrowCloses the current selection
EndThis shows the bottom of the active window
HomeThis shows the top of the active window

When windows 11 keyboard shortcuts not working?

If the keyboard of windows 11 fails to perform the shortcut key functionalities then follow the instructions given below.


There is a total of three ways to solve the problem, and all those troubleshoot processes are given below.

1. Modify / Change the Sticky keys Configuration of the PC

Step 1: Open  the Windows Settings menu and select ‘Ease of Access.’Option there.

Windows Settings menu

Step 2: Move to the Interaction section on the left-side and select Keyboard.

select Keyboard

Step 3: Finally, Turn on the ‘Use Stick Keys’ option in the Settings.

Use Stick Keys

2. Disable keyboard Built-in Special Modes

Nowadays Many keyboard manufacturers provide additional gaming modes for keyboards to ensure a better gaming experience among its user and in this process, they disable some keys like Disabling of windows Key to avoid interruption during accidental clicks during gameplay.

Launch the keyboard Software and disable the game mode from there.


3. Open Keyboard troubleshooter

This is the last and final way to solve the problem and for this troubleshooting, your keyboard follow the steps given below

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings menu and go to the  ‘Update & Security.’ Section there.

Update & Security setting

Step 2: Click on  Troubleshoot tab and select the  Keyboard option there.

click on  Troubleshoot tab

Step 3: Now select the ‘Run the trouble-shooter option.

Run the trouble-shooter option
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