Varanasi Water Tax Bill

If you are a citizen of India and living in Varanasi and want to pay a water tax bill, you are in the right place and get complete information about the water tax bill online.

The water tax bill is very simple and easy; for this, you have to stick with this article until the end, and you have to read the complete information or steps given below to pay Varanasi Water Tax Bill.


What is the water tax Bill in Varanasi?

The Water Tax bill in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, is taxation levied by the Varanasi Municipal Corporation and is handled by the revenue department of Nagar Nigam, Varanasi. The people’s water connections are charged at some specific Rates fixed By the Varanasi Municipal corporation under the Water Tax Bill.

This water taxation bill majorly/ mainly aims are –

  • To improve the tax of water use based on the type of connections and its uses.
  • Issue of demand notices.
  • Collection and Management of taxes
  • Regularization of taxes/charges
  • Disconnection of water connections in case of non-payment of a water bill.
  • Disconnection of illegal connections.

About Jalkal Vibhag UP

For the collection and management of Water Taxes over Varanasi. There is a government organization known as JALKAL Vibhag. This organization works to manage and regulate water taxation throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The JALKAL Vibhag performs the following functions mainly-

  • Where feasible, to plan, promote and execute schemes and programs for the operation of sewerage, sewage treatment, and disposal and treatment of trade effluents and other materials.
  • To manage all its affairs to provide the citizen of the area within its jurisdiction with wholesome water and, where possible, efficient sewerage service and clean and healthy drinkable water.
  • To take such other measures, as may be necessary, to ensure water supply in times of any emergency.
  • The Jal Kal is responsible for collecting revenue in terms of water tax, water charges, severs tax & severs costs for operation and maintenance of water supply & sewerage system and bears all expenses. 
  • To plan, promote and execute schemes of and operate as an efficient system of water supply.

How can I pay my water tax bill Online?

If you want to pay your water tax bill online then read the steps given below. The steps tell the different ways to Pay Water Bill in Varanasi-

  1. Citizens with water connection from the respective board are responsible for paying water bill (tax) to the respective board.
  2. Water bill will be generated timely by the board executive.
  3. Payment can be made either offline OR online i.e. via Net Banking, Credit card, Debit card, etc.

Step By Step process to Pay Water Tax Bill Online

You can pay a water bill in Varanasi by simply Through JALKAL Varanasi, this is an official governmental portal for this water tax bill and if you follow all the below-given steps then you can pay the water tax bill Varanasi online.  


Step 1- open JALKAL Varanasi portal/website on your mobile browser

Step 2- Navigate to the PAY ONLINE WATER TAX BILL option in the web portal.


Step 3- it will redirect you to the JALKAL bill payment page.

Pay water bill

Step 4- read all the necessary instructions and click on the pay bill option


Step 5- it will redirect you to the login page of JALKAL VARANASI

Step 6- Now you will be asked to enter your ward Number

Pay water tax bill

Step 7- Enter your House number

Water tax bill process

Step 8- Click on the search button


Step 9 – Now you will see your dues and bill amount there you can pay your bill online from there using your Debit card, Creditcard, UPI, net banking, etc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Who is Municipal Commissioner of Varanasi?


the present Municipal Commissioner is Gaurang Rathi, IAS

2. How collect Water Bill Online?


Once you log in to your account in the JALKAL Varanasi portal, you can get your bill from there as well on paying the bill online you will get an online acknowledgment slip and will also receive SMS on your mobile number.

3. How can I pay my Bill Online in Varanasi?


 You can easily pay your Water Bill online with the help of the JALJKAL portal/website

For bill payment –


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