How many Temples are in Varanasi?

Either you name it “Banaras”, or, “Varanasi“. The city will hold its uniqueness like no other city can and the major reason behind it is “Our Temples” and “Ganga” river. People come from different places to visit these temples and take a dip in the “Ganga River” to wash their sins.

The total number of temples, if the count is around 23000, and each one of them is unique in its own way. Almost every temple covers the beautiful view of Ganga river and god worships his every child in the temples. “Maha Shiv ratri is a grand festival in the city and you must experience it once. The reason why mahashivratri is a very special occasion in this city is because many pandits believe that the place was found by God “Shiva”.


Famous Temples of Varanasi.

Among the 23000 temples, there are some temples which are considered very religious and very worshipping. It is also said that if you truly wish for something here then there is a higher chance it will come true.

Shri KASHI VISHWANATH TEMPLE also known as the golden temple is one of the famous temples of Kashi and is devoted to Lord Shiva.


MAA ANNAPURNA TEMPLE, located near the golden temple, this temple is devoted to  “Devi Annapurna” She provides us “an” which means food.

SANKATHA TEMPLE, located near the Sindhi Ghat Sankatha temple is a very huge temple that consists of nine small temples which represent the nine planets.


KALBHAIRAV TEMPLE, located near  VishesharGanj.The place is dedicated to God KalBhairav is known as “Kotwal Of Varanasi”.

MRITUNJAY MAHADEV TEMPLE, located near Kalbhairav Temple this temple has a special well that is considered very religious. The temple is dedicated to “MAHADEV”.


NEW VISHWANATH TEMPLE, located in the heart of Benaras University for all the students and outsiders.

TULSI MANAS TEMPLE, located near Durga Temple. TULSI MANAS TEMPLE is very special as the “Shri Ramcharitmanas”, was written at this place by Tulsidas Ji. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ram.


SANKATMOCHAN TEMPLE, also known as the “Monkey Temple” and is dedicated to Hanuman ji, who was a Vanar. He is also known as “Sankatmochan” who protects everyone from any Sankat i.e trouble.

DURGA TEMPLE, dedicated to “Maa Durga”. She symbolizes Strength and Power and gives us the energy to fight in every situation. The Durga Kund is a must-visit in Durga Temple. It is located nearby.


BHARAT MATA TEMPLE, this temple was built by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and is dedicated to Bharat Mata.

Why should you visit temples in Varanasi?

Seeking inner peace in life and having inner peace is very important. We are busy our whole lives running after materialistic things. Peace in life comes from God and Banaras is a land of temples and it is devoted to Lord Shiva and Ganga Maa. If you visit that place even once in your life and take a dip in the Ganga, you can wash off half your sins. Different people have different reasons for visiting these temples but the only goal you should have is to pray peacefully and thank god for everything you have. If you even visit, one temple a day it will take a lot to cover 23000 temples. So, visit every temple and get blessed and stay happy!.


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