Varanasi Population 2021

Varanasi is a district in Uttar Pradesh. The city is considered to be one of the most religious places in India. Most of the locals belonging here follow Hinduism and Buddhism. The area occupied by the city is 593 sq km. Varanasi is surrounded by Mirzapur district, Jaunpur district, Ghazipur district, Chandauli district, and Bhadohi district. Most of the land of the city is covered by the Ganga River and Temples.

The Population of India has been affected a lot due to the Corona Pandemic, as India was among the top 10 countries severely affected by Corona. A lot of people had to lose their lives due to the virus which caused the population rate to go down. Looking at the statics of Varanasi the slope has been slowed down due to various factors in the pandemic such as migration, death rate, birth rate, etc.


Varanasi is among the top 10 cities in terms of Population. The city has been ranked at sixth position with a population of 1.4 Million. There was a major growth of  27,567 since 2015. The data mentioned below provides you the information on the city sex ratio. The annual population, growth, and the population of Individuals.

Total Area of Varanasi1535
Total Population (2021)4,259,988
Male in Varanasi (2021)1,921,857
Females in Vaaranasi (2021)1,754,984
Children’s in Varanasi (2021) (0-6 yrs)497,151
Sex Ratio Per 1000913
Literates 2,403,903
Uneducated 1,856,085
Population in 20111,198,491
Population Density /Km.sq.2,395

As we saw the data in the above table the population of different age groups and gender. Now we can move forward to the different components of the population of Varanasi. The age group, unemployed, employed, and people of different caste and creeds. There is a very big percentage that has rise since 2011. India census released the report of comparing the last ten years data.

File:India religion pie graph.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Hindu84.52 %

Muslim- 14.88%

Christian- 0.21%


Sikh – 0.09%

Buddhist- 0.03%


Most of the Population of Varanasi consists of Hindus because of which the Hindu Mythology is been there for a very long period of time. A very small percentage of the population consists of other religious people such as Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and, Buddhists. The city is packed at any given time of the year because of its heritage and culture. Also known as the Cultural Capital of India.

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Varanasi city was ranked 75th among India in terms of Population according to the 2011 census. The growth of the city in terms of population has hit a really high number in the ten years as it comes under top 10 cities in terms of Population. The birth rate and death rate have rapidly been increasing and decreasing in these years. The census reported a large number of people migrating from other places to Varanasi which led to an increase in the population density and overall population percentage increment.


We have shared all the data. The data is according to the resources of Indian Census. Any mistake in the data is regretted. The data is according to the current research of the Indian Authority. If found any mistake please inform us.


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