Varanasi Nagar Nigam Departements

Varanasi Nagar Nigam is a municipal corporation governing body located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Varanasi Nagar Nigam Corporation came into action on January 24, 1959, under Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporation. The Nagar Nigam comprises different sectors and departments for various work that needs to be completed for the improvements and basic needs of the City.

The development of the city and implementation of new technologies and strategies with providing proper shelter, food and cloth and, employment to each and every citizen of the area. The Nagar Nigam works for the betterment of the people.


The Nagar Nigam is responsible for the following – public education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, recreational facilities, sanitation, water supply, local planning, and welfare services.

Like any other metropolitan city, the Nagar Nigam Varanasi consists of departments that are responsible for different work. The different departments are mentioned below-

  • Accounts and Finance
  • Administrator
  • Advertisement
  • Council
  • DUDA
  • Encroachment
  • Engineering
  • Establishment
  • Garden
  • Health
  • Jal kal – JKV
  • Revenue
  • RTI
  • Sanitation
  • Street light
  • Transport
  • Veterinary

Each of the above-mentioned departments carries its own roles and responsibilities and all of this constituted together makes the corporation works. The services provided by the Varanasi Nagar Nigam departments are mentioned below-

  1. Varanasi Birth Registration
  2. Varanasi Nagar Nigam Area List

Services by various Departements

Accounts and Finance

  • Financial legislation,
  • Financial institutions,
  • Capital markets,
  • Center and city finances,
  • Union Budget.


  • Giving permission and license for any outdoor advertisements
  • Control of unbearable behavior created by any unauthorized advertisement company.


  • Supervision of the Pump House.
  • Supervision of streetlights.
  • Establishment of water supply projects, drains, roads, buildings, dams, parks, over head tanks, plants etc.
  • Supervision of High-way roads and streets.


  • Create public parks for recreation & embrakable view.
  • Implement different types of themes parks.
  • Allow for photography in garden.
  • Allow for schoul trips in garden


  • Maintaining proper health infrastructure for local residents.
  • Providing proper sanitization and health facilities.
  • Providing free health care facilities for lower cast people.


  • Management and functioning of Inter -state Bus Terminals.
  • Incorporation of Road transport with Metro,Railways & Airports.
  • Implementation of emission and safety related norms of vehicles


  • Supervising the Slaughter House, Meat Market and Fish/Egg Market etc.
  • Responsible for Animal Birth Control
  • Disposals of Dead Animals.

In case of any query or issue, you can contact the Varanasi Nagar Nigam


Varanasi Development Authority Address: Raja Udai Pratap Marg, Panna Lal Park, Varanasi
Phone no.: 0542 2280326, 2282455
Email: [email protected], [email protected]



Control Room: 0542-2221999

Municipal Commissioner’s office: 0542-2221711, (Fax) 0542-2221702


Email ID: [email protected]

Email ID: [email protected]



B20/193, Bhelupur, Varanasi


HelpLine Numbers:

Land Line: 0542-2277959


Mobile: 8935000976

Email ID: [email protected]



You can gather all the information regarding any department from their website or you can contact them on the phone number mentioned above. The Varanasi has always attracted people because of its beauty and spirituality. It is also considered a tourist place consisting of beautiful river bodies and historical places.


Hope this article helps you and you can now resolve any of your issues and error from any department. If you still face any problem then you can check your doubt or query on the FAQ section of the official Website.

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