Samvida Bharti 2021

Samvida Bharti is a temporary job facility for all peoples of Uttar Pradesh, and the person who performs well gets a permanent job in Uttar Pradesh.

If you also get this news and want to apply for Samvida Bharti 2021 in Uttar Pradesh and want to get a government job, then you are in the right place; what is this scheme and how you can apply for this job and when you get a permanent job through this job is given in this website, and for more information on Samvida Bharti 2021 you have to stick with this article until the end.


What is Samvida Bharti?

Samvida means temporary, and here Samvida Bharti refers to the job offered by the Uttar Pradesh government on a contractual basis. The Uttar Pradesh government passed the Samvida Bharti bill in the year 2020.

This bill was proposed by the current CM of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath. It is considered one of the boldest moves by the government of Uttar Pradesh to create a reform in the government sector.


In this Bill, no government sector can now offer immediate permanent payslips and permanent jobs. The government will test individuals for a long period, and then they will be allotted permanent job positions and a permanent salary, including all government job facilities.

Under this Samvida Bharti, the government employees will work at a better efficiency rate as due to this now they have no job security. According to this policy, the government will hire freshers according to their requirements by exams. Still, they will not offer permanent job positions and salaries for the next 5 years, and in these 5 years the fresher will have to go for a test every 6 months to prove his/her ability and they must pass all these tests with at least 60% marks.


After 5 years the fresher will be examined and after that, he/she will be offered a permanent job position.

During these 5 years, the fresher is not given a permanent designation; his/her role is always marked as supporting one.


For example – if anyone wants to be a government teacher, he will support the teacher post for 5 years.

How to get Samvida Jobs

to get samvida jobs you should keep your eye on job listing websites and newspaper advertisement section and the official job website of Uttar Pradesh UPSSSC


Step 1 – To check availability of job go to the age of UPSSC

Step 2 – After that, you have to create your account there


Step 3 – When you register for that site then you have to log in to your account

Step 4 – Upload all your required documents


Step 5 – Then, you can apply for the listed examinations on the notice board, and then results were also declared on that website

Jobs were offered on the basis of marks which you score in the examination.

Samvida Bharti

Process to get Samvida job 2021

To get Samvida Job the applicant must apply on the site of UPSSSC, and then according to the points given below the candidate get a permanent government job under the Uttar Pradesh government.

  2. The candidate have to appear for the written examination
  3. On clearing the written examination the candidate is offered job as a fresher and will be given a supporting designation
  4. The candidate will get a fixed pay slip as a fresher and no government job facilities will be given to the candidate.
  5. The candidate will have to undergo a written test on every 6 months and have to score more than 60% on it for the next five years.
  6. On completing 5 years tenure the candidate will be examined and after that he/she will be allotted permanent job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Samvida job is for how many years

Samvida jobs are offered for 5 years the time period


2. Types of Samvida Jobs?

All the jobs which fall under the Group B and Group C category of government jobs came under the Samvidha job


3. Vacancy seat in Samvida Job?

According to the latest updates, there are  33842 seats present in the Samvida Bharti job.


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