Top 10 Places to Visit in Varanasi

Since places to visit in Varanasi are so many all over its vicinity, here are the places you should check out during your visit to this ancient city.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Varanasi

There are many places to visit in Varanasi, but if you are looking for places with the most historical significance, these places should top your list.


#1 Darbhanga Ghat

Photographers, come to Darbhanga Ghat for a sunrise shoot. You will be able to see your subject with excellent lighting conditions when the sun comes up over kilometers-wide stretches of blue sky and golden sand beaches on both sides. The temples that stand tall among their ancient buildings will also be in the picture. The temples are not hurt by fire or earthquakes but only by natural causes like wind or earthquakes.

#2 Ramnagar Fort

The Ramnagar Fort is an excellent place to go if you want to get away from the city. The 18th-century sandstone structure and palace no longer serve their original purpose of being used as a defense but now house a museum full of vintage cars that would make any muscle car enthusiast drool over them in delight! There are elaborate hookahs with beautiful jewels inside. It would be best if you did not miss seeing them when you walk through this historic site.


#3 Shri Durga Temple

The temples in Varanasi are more than just a place to pray. The temple of Shri Durga is for Hindus who want to pay their respects or offer thanksgiving with this goddess. Visitors from all overcome and enjoy the colorful parts inside the temple and marvel at other factors they can explore.

There are some old paintings in the temple. People have touched them up over time. Some people call it “Monkey Temple.” People also see graceful swans outside the temple, where they leave food at the pool.


#4 Ruchika Art Gallery

Ruchika Art Gallery is a must-visit if you are looking for places to go in Varanasi. The gallery has some fantastic pieces with so much attention paid to their detail that they will take your breath away! There are murals of Hindu deities, contemporary paintings, and sculptures that have been made with so many different materials like marble, wood, glass, etc.

#5 Banaras Hindu University

Banaras Hindu University was established in 1916 by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya. There are various things to do for students, many of which will not be found in other places around Varanasi like Kashi Vidyapeeth Women’s College and Institute of Medical Sciences BHU.


#6 Kashi Vishwanath Temple

The temple itself may not be too big, but you will find some fantastic artifacts behind its doors! Visitors can see old scriptures written on palm leaves, beautiful statues made with marble and stone depicting all kinds of figures from Indian culture pasted together over time inside the temple.

#7 Tulsi Manas Temple

The Tulsi Manas Temple is one of the places to visit in Varanasi, built for people who want to get away from it all and escape their busy lives by enjoying beautiful surroundings like trees, ponds with koi fish inside. Them and places for meditation! Visitors can come here to pray silently, or they can take part in a bhajan session that takes place every morning at this cultural site.


#8 Assi Ghat

The Assi Ghat is a place that will catch your eye because of the brightly colored buildings surrounding it. It was once used for bathing, but now people come here to see monkeys and other animals in their natural habitat! The ghat has places where you can get some delicious street food and places to relax with friends or family members over a cup of tea they have made fresh at one of the stalls on this ancient site.

#9 Manikarnika Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat is one of the places to visit in Varanasi for those who like walking barefoot on hot coals as a way to purify their souls. Some people believe that if you can do this, it will help rid them of all kinds of bad karma, and they will be allowed into heaven when they die! This place also has some history because there used to be funeral pyres here where bodies were burned, but now electric crematoriums have replaced them, which gives off less smoke than before.


#10 Ganges River

The Ganges is one of the places to visit in Varanasi, which you can see up close when you come here. It will take your breath away at first because it is so big, but what’s even more amazing about this river are all the people bathing in it! People believe that if they soak in this water, their sins will be washed clean, and they will achieve nirvana when they die.

These are the places to visit in Varanasi for people interested in places with some history behind them.


Best Places To Visit in Varanasi For Couples

Varanasi is one of the places to visit in India for couples looking to get away from it all. If you are hoping that places like these will give you the time and space needed to strengthen your relationship, here are some places that can help with that!

Varanasi Fun City

Varanasi fun city is one of the places to visit in Varanasi that offers a lot for people who want to have some quality alone time with their significant other. It has a bowling alley, arcade games, and restaurants where you can eat delicious food together before going back home to catch up on your favorite TV shows!


Ravidas Park

Ravidas Park is one of the places to visit in Varanasi that is popular with couples looking for places they can go on dates. This place has many trees, places where you can sit down and talk about things with your partner while enjoying the beautiful surroundings this park offers.

Nehru Park

The Nehru Park is another excellent option for visiting Varanasi if you are interested in outdoor activities like dancing or even kite flying. You might learn some new dance moves here because there are people playing music all around you, but it’s also fun to watch others do their thing when it comes to cultural performances.


These are the places to visit in Varanasi for people looking for places that will inspire them with love and romance.

Best Time To Visit Varanasi

The best time to visit Varanasi is during October and March. If you want warm weather, then these are good times to come because it will be springtime! It’s also a better time than others because there will be fewer crowds here too, which makes places like this feel more secluded and private for those who want that kind of atmosphere when they travel somewhere new with their partner.


Varanasi Travel Tips

When traveling places in India, make sure you always wear clothing covering your shoulders and knees because places like this have different customs compared to what you might know at home. Ensure not to bring any books or printed material about other religions into places like Assi Ghat as reasonably since people believe all visitors should be respectful of what this place means to them.

Best time to visit Varanasi for photography

The best time to visit places in Varanasi for photography is during the winter months between November and February. This place comes alive at night, which makes it perfect if you are interested in photographing places that look beautiful when they are all lit up!


Best Places To Eat In Varanasi

There are many places to eat in Varanasi that will satisfy people’s taste buds who love Indian cuisine. You can’t go wrong with places like these since they serve such delicious food, and you’ll be able to enjoy it wherever you sit down for a meal.

Final Thought

I hope this article has helped you decide places to visit in Varanasi. This place is unique for many reasons, making it one of the places should travel to at least once during their lifetime.



There are some common questions people have about places like these. Here are the answers to some of them!

What is Varanasi famous for?

Varanasi is famous for making silks and brocades with gold and silver thread. It is also a place that makes carpets, toys, bangles made of glass, ivory work, and brassware. Varanasi is where many religious festivals happen.


Are two days enough in Varanasi?

If you are traveling places in Varanasi, two days can be enough to see places like this. You might not have time for everything, but the places mentioned here will give people a good feel of Varanasi.

What should I wear when going places in Varanasi?

People should wear clothing covering their shoulders and knees because places like this have different customs. Ensure not to bring any books or printed material about other religions into places like Assi Ghat as reasonably since people believe all visitors should be respectful of what it means to them.


Is there a lot of crime places in Varanasi?

No, not really, since it is said that people who come here and respect this place by following its customs and traditions are blessed with good fortune. People believe those who go places in Varanasi are protected by the spirits of Lord Vishwanath and Goddess Annapurna


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