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Varanasi (also known as Kashi or Banaras And City of lights) is one of the most religious cities of the Hindus, and it is also amongst the world’s oldest living cities. It is a popular destination for tourists and Hindus.

In the Holy city of lights and Temples, many animals like Street dogs, Cows, monkeys, and donkeys can be found anywhere on the roads. Streets are full of countless cows and buffaloes.

But due to lack of animal welfare services, Sick and injured street animals were mainly left untreated, and the same thing happens with cows and buffaloes; they were also left untreated, and many were left to die by the side of the street.

The same happens with dogs, and there is plenty of street dogs/stray dogs in the city of Varanasi, and most of the time, when they become sick and when they remain untreated, they usually bite people around the streets.

And bites of these stray dogs/street dogs often cause rabies, which is a fatal disease. The Varanasi Municipal Corporation has taken various steps to ensure a proper solution by providing grants for Animal birth control and Rabies Vaccination to street dogs to tackle this issue.

Not only this, Varanasi Municipal Corporation has encouraged many organizations to come forward for Animal welfare. As a result, many organizations came upfront which helps these animals and a few of them also provide shelter homes for these animals. Some of them support Animal Adoption Policy, and they also ensure that no one can harm these street animals.

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Some Varanasi Dog Cather NGOs

There are many National, International and local NGOs who take these issues as a serious problem and work for animal welfare.

Some of them are-

Varanasi Nagar Nigam(Municipal Corporation)

Address- Nagar Nigam Sigra
City- Varanasi
Pin Code- 221010
Email- [email protected]

Varanasi for Animals

Address- Chandotara Mode,Sahupuri Road,Vyaspur,Uttar Pradesh
City- Varanasi
Pin Code-221010
Phone-. + 91 9431171929, +91 7379845071
Email- [email protected]

Government Animal Helpline Number

If you want to know about some government animal helpline number, then below you get small list of some government animal NGOs are –

Animal Helpline Karuna Foundation-
Contact- 09898019059

Animal care Helpline
contact- 09820122602

To ensure safety of the citizens and to mainatain a healthy social environment, Varanasi Municipal Corporation had set up several dog catcher squads among the city and many programs for the betterment of dogs such as anti rabies injection and adaptation policy for them.

About dog catcher

In Benaras or Varanasi, Dog cathers look after the safe movement of dogs and monkeys in the city. The dog control service in Varanasi works under the control of Varanasi Municipal Corporation and does all the necessary jobs and works required to maintain safe animal-ranging in the city.

The dog catcher squad or the animal control squad looks after all dangerous animal movement in the town and takes all necessary actions.

What dog catcher does after catching a dog in Varanasi?

If you always think that what does a dog catcher do when they catch dog then don’t worry they are not a bad person, you get some points below which explain the work of dog catcher in Varanasi.

By rule of the municipal corporation does two things with stray dogs-

  1. Spay/neuter dogs, i.e., remove the sexual organs of dogs to prevent dog overpopulation.
  2. Anti rabies vaccination – to reduce incidents of rabies in dogs and subsequently human rabies.

How to contact dog catcher Varanasi?

The dog catcher squad works under the Rules and laws of the Municipal Corporation, and if anyone from Varanasi wants t contact or call dog catchers in their area for the street dogs. They need to call the Municipal Corporation to call the dog catcher squad in their area.

To direct contact the municipal corporation of Varanasi, Contact below.

dog catcher varanasi-LOCATION
Official WebsiteClick Here
Home PageClick Here


Sport Stadium, Nagar Nigam Rd Near, Chhittupura, Sigra, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002
Phone: 0542 222 2600

How do you get rid of stray dogs?

In order to get rid of the stray dogs one needs to contact to one of the following organisations-

Varanasi Nagar Nigam(Municipal Corporation)

Address-Nagar Nigam Sigra
City- Varanasi
Pin Code- 221010
Email- [email protected]

Varanasi for Animals

Address-Chandotara Mode,Sahupuri Road,Vyaspur,Uttar Pradesh
City- Varanasi
Pin Code-221010
Phone-. + 91 9431171929
+91 7379845071
Email- [email protected]

Who control varanasi dog catcher service?

The Varanasi municipal corporation, Uttar Pradesh or the Varanasi Nagar Nigam controls the Varanasi Dog catcher service.

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