Nagar Nigam Varanasi House Tax Bill Online

If you are from Varanasi or want to know about the Nagar Nigam Varanasi house tax bill, this article will be a blessing for you.

This article will cover up the House tax bill in Varanasi and how you can pay it and apply for it online very easily.


So just stick to this article until the end, and you will get to everything regarding the Nagar Nigam Varanasi House Tax Bill, and then you able to pay that bill very easily.

What is the house tax Bill in Varanasi?

House tax is also known as property tax collected by the state government through the Municipal Corporation. In Varanasi, it is collected by the State government by Varanasi Municipal Corporation.


The house tax bill is paid for the facilities they provide us, like garbage disposal, seaways disposal, etc. For providing these facilities, the state government collects house tax bills.

We should never ignore this property tax on house tax, and we should pay it from time to time, and in case you ignore this property tax, you may need to give extra charges as a penalty, which is known as an encumbrance charge.


You may face two big problems due to the encumbrance charge, which is, if you want to sell your property or house, you need to give the house tax bill receipt, which is why you need to pay the house tax bill from time to time.

Also, if you want to take a bank loan regarding your property, you need to show your house tax bill receipt, which is also a big reason you need to pay the house tax bill.


What is Nagar Nigam house tax bill online payment?

Nagar Nigam Varanasi house tax bill is a payment facility that the state government has provided by the help of which you can easily pay your house tax bill or property tax online to the Municipal Corporation.

It is one of the most valuable and less time taking the mood of paying house tax. With the help of Nagar Nigam house tax bill online payment website, if you follow all the below steps then you can able to pay online Nagar Nigam Varanasi House Tax Bill very easily.


The best part of this mode of payment is that it is very less time taking and sometimes if we pay it from time to time, we may get many kinds of offers and discounts that can save a lot of money.

How to apply for Nagar Nigam Varanasi House Tax Bill online

Here, you will learn how to apply for a house tax bill online and how you can easily Pay Varanasi Nigam house tax bill online.


For paying the Varanasi Nigam house tax bill online, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Open a web browser on your computer or smartphone, and visit to the search bar and search “Varanasi Nagar Nigam”.

Varanasi House Tax Bill Online

Step 2 – Now click on the official website of Varanasi Nagar Nigam (

Step 3 – As the website opens up, scroll down and click on the services  “Property Tax

Varanasi House Tax Bill Online-2

Step 4 – Now you will see a form appearing on your screen, which you have to fill by the details(House Number or Property Unique Number) given in your house tax slip.

Varanasi House Tax Bill Online-3

Step 5 – Once you click on the view details, a page will open on your screen to see the complete details of your house tax bill, where you will find how much you need to pay as your house tax.


Step 6 – Scroll down, and there you will see the amount to be paid, which is the amount of your house tax that you need to pay.

Step 7 – For completing the payment, you need to click on the “proceed to pay online” option, which is given beside the amount. After that, you need to give your mobile number and your bank name then simply click on any bank name, and then just click on the “proceed to pay online” option.


Step 8 – After you click on the proceed to pay online option, a new tab will open up, and it will ask for the payment confirmation where you need to give your bank account details.

Step 9 – Now give your card number, name on the card its expiry and CVV details, fill the Captcha and click on pay now. After which, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on the registered mobile number of your bank account, which you need to give. Fill the OTP and click on Pay now.


You will see a payment successful message on your screen which confirms that your house tax bill has been paid successfully.

If you follow all the above steps then you able to give Nagar Nigam Varanasi House Tax Bill.


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