Garena Free Fire Max Install(OBB, Apk, Requirements, Size)

Garena Free Fire Max: Hey Game players, what’s up! Have you heard about the release date of your Garena Free Fire Max? Yes, you heard right Free Fire Max is released in India. Today we are here to give you complete information about how to install it and Free Fire Max Apk, OBB File, Pre Registration Reward, and many more.

Garena Free Fire Max is a better version of Garena Free Fire in terms of visuals, Graphics, Animation, long-range firing, and more.

NameGarena Free Fire Max
Size0.96 GB
Release DateSeptember 28
Available for downloadGoogle play store
Pre Registration RewardsYou Will get it soon

It is the most awaited video game, and now it is finally available for both Android and IOS users and players.

Garena Free Fire Max promises a better version than Free Fire which was way back launched in 2017. Now let’s see its features one by one, which are mentioned below.


Features Of Garena Free Fire Max

Below you get some of the features are given below; just read them.


Improved firing range

Improved firing range is one of the best features of this better version, Garena Free Fire Max. It allows you to kill your enemy from very far distances, and no doubt it will be more helpful for the sniper squads.


So if you and your teammates belong to a sniper squad, get ready to enjoy this feature and kill your enemies with ease.

Better Graphics

Garena says that better Graphics is one of the primary reasons for Garena Free Fire Max to exist. This feature enables you to play in better graphics, including the maps and battlegrounds, which ultimately improve your experience and gameplay and give you the feeling of a real battleground.


All fans and players will enjoy this feature to increase your overall experience and let you have better gameplay.

Improved and better animation

Improved and better animation helps you to give a real and better feel of guns, bombs, snipers, etc. It will also help you improve your vision all around while you are in a car or monster truck, which will be very beneficial for you to keep an eye on your enemy. It will ultimately increase your chances of survival for a more extended period.



The core of this game will be similar to that of the previous video game Garena free fire, and one should not expect an entirely new game. It’s only a better version of the previous one.


Requirements to Play Free Fire Max

Well, in terms of requirements, you don’t need to have something extraordinary to play this game. This game also has the exact requirements as the previous one, but it may require a bit more storage phone as the size of this game is a bit more than that of the previous one.

Minimum RAM 4 GB
Minimum Storage2GB
Data For Download1.5GB
OSAndroid, iOS

So if you have a phone with 4 GB RAM, that would be enough for you to play this game, and if you want to master this game, I would recommend you play it on your PC as your PC will provide you an entirely different and natural feeling to you.


It will be much easier for you to become a PRO. But we cannot neglect that you can also become a PRO by playing on your phone.

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How To Download and Install Free Fire Max On Mobile Phone

Its download is available in the play store. So you can visit the play store, and you can download this app over there by simply following these steps, which are mentioned below:-

Step 1 – Open Google play store and search Garena free-fire Max.

free fire max insatall 1

Step 2 – Click on the button INSTALL. After this process downloading will get started within a few seconds.

install free fire max 2

Step 3 – Once the app is fully downloaded, you can open the app by simply clicking on the open button in the play store itself, or an icon will be added to your screen; you can open it from there.

play free fire max

Step 4 – Once you open the app, you need to sign in using your Facebook account or sign in as a guest; whichever option you are comfortable with, you can choose according to you.

Step 5 –  After doing sign in, you will be directed to the game’s main screen, and now you are all ready to start your game.


So start your journey to this game now and become a Pro and all the best from my side to all the players.

How to Download and Install Free Fire Max on PC

If you want to download this game on your phone, you get some simple steps you should follow below.


Step 1: Click the link given on this website and download Free Fire Max.

Step 2: After that, you have to download an emulator, you can download any emulator, but we recommend the “Bluestack” emulator.


Step 3: After downloading bluestacks, you have to follow on-screen instructions to install bluestacks, you have to log in with your Free Fire account, and then you can play this game on your pc with bluestacks.

Free Fire Max Apk+OBB File

We are soon going to publish the latest OBB file of Free Fire Max in front of you. Bookmark this page of ours so that you can download it. Download from the button below.

File Size877 MB

FAQs On Free Fire Max

Is the free fire max game globally released?

On 28 September 2021 free fire max is globally released and is now available for download in the play store.

Is Free fire max Available in the Play Store or app store?

Yes, it is available for download in the play store and app store.


How do I download Free fire max on my phone?

It is available in the play store you can download it from there and install it in your phone.

Is free fire max Available in India?

Yes, free fire max is available now to download and install in India.


What is the difference between free fire and free fire max?

The basic difference is that Free fire max is a better version of Garena free fire in terms of visuals, Graphics, Animation, long-range firing, etc. Both have the same gameplay.

Can we log in to our free fire account in free fire max?

Yes. As both have common gameplay so you can log in to your free fire account in free fire max.


When free fire max launched?

The launch date of free fire max is 28 September 2021.

Is free fire max a multiplayer game?

Yes, you can play with your teammates and solo too.


Are free fire and free fire max the same?

More or less both are the same. The only difference is that free fire max has better Graphics and Animation.


The version of this video game Garena free fire Max is much better than Garena free fire. It includes all the necessary things like Graphics, animation, etc., which were not provided to us in the previous one.


The only thing is that you need a bit more storage phone, but that is not the problem as you can play it on a 4 GB storage phone very quickly. The kind of Graphics and animation which this game has will take it to the next level.

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Garena Free Fire Max(OBB, Apk, Requirements)

Garena Free Fire Max: Hey Game players, what’s up! Have you heard about the release date of your Garena Free Fire Max? Yes, you heard right Free Fire Max is released in India.


Price Currency: INR

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows


Application Category: Game

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