Famous Restaurant In Varanasi

Mouthwatering Cuisine with the end of Banarasi Paan is all that it takes to be happy. The Cultural Capital of India surely serves us with a variety of dishes but only a few dishes can make their way to your heart.

Every state of INDIA serves you different cuisine and recipe’s and the food is delicious and changes your taste buds as well. The Food Changes within every 100 km in INDIA are true but the taste of Banarasi Food stays forever with you. The spectacular view of the river and cold winds in your hair with the combo of tasty food is something we all crave every single day. Let’s dig into some of the world-class restaurants of Varanasi.

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  1. Banaras Restaurant and Bhojanalaya

The Banaras Restaurant and Bhojanalaya are located on the side of ghat which gives you a fantastic view and finger-licking food. With the low price and effective service, the place has made a lot of happy customers. Some of the favorite and delicious famous food of Varanasi is also served here such as Chena Dahi Vada, Banarasi Lassi, and Paan, etc. Must try this out even if you don’t feel like eating a lot.

Address – Saket Nagar Colony, NagwaVaranasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005India

Contact Info- 0542 236 9413

2. Darbhanga Restaurant

If you wish to have lunch or dinner and are craving some Varanasi food then this place is perfect for you. The Varanasi thali is their specialty and you might feel full but you wouldn’t want to stop yourself from having it all. The classy restaurant also offers Thai and Asian food. Eating in a nice ambiance with our special ones is what it takes to make your day special. Must try the sweets and the pain here. Enjoy your evening.

Address – Darbhanga Ghat Dashashwamedh Brijrama Palace, Varanasi 221001 India

Contact Info- +91 91294 14141

3. Kashi Chat Bhandara

All the street food lovers who like to roam and eat spicy and chatpata food all day long! We have the perfect place for you. The awesome flavors and taste can be determined by the crowd over there. From Gol- Gappe, Banarasi Chaat to Palak Patta Chhat everything is delicious and tasty as hell. You would want to go over and over again to this Place. Although it is not a huge restaurant it still manages to attract a lot of people from their magic recipe of everything. You can order anything blindly and you won’t regret your decision.

Address- D-37/49, Godaulia, Varanasi

Contact Info- +918090421111


No matter how much delicious the fancy restaurant cooks. They can never compete with street food. The famous Makhan Malaiyyo or Nimish is a must-try dessert at Kacahuri Gali. The Gali serves you with different varieties of Kachauri and Sweets. Other Banarasi food can also be found here but the specialty is a must-try.

Address – Lahori Tola, Varanasi 221001


The Varanasi swad will make you all the flavors you ever tasted. The place offers everything special from Banaras like Chooda Matar, Baati Chokha or Litti Chokha, Dahi Wade and Special Banarasi Thali, etc. The rivers of Ganges on the side view make the experience more delightful.

Address- N1-65, D2, Shashi Nagar Colony, Nagwa, Chungi, Lanka, Varanasi

Contact Info-+918299575085

We have tried to list the best delicious food for you at Varanasi. The places mentioned above are very hygienic and serves their customers with happiness. We hope you enjoy your journey to Varanasi and don’t forget to hog on the places mentioned above. If you discovered any other great food join then you can let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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