COVID-19 Varanasi

Covid 19, or the coronavirus, is one of the deadliest pandemics in human civilization. For the past two years, human beings have been facing this deadly pandemic. In December 2019, this emerged as an epidemic in China.

Still, later it spread rapidly throughout the world and became pandemic in the past two years; conditions had gone worst due to the peak of covid 19. Millions of cases emerged in India also, and many people lost their lives due to this deadly virus.

To control this virus, the government had also raised and imposed many lockdowns at different stages to reduce the widespread and transmission of this deadly virus.

Later different vaccines were tested, and the government approved vaccination, then India started running covid 19 vaccination to cure this covid 19 epidemic.

COVID 19 in Varanasi

As we know, Varanasi is not only the tourist hub of Uttar Pradesh but is the Tourism hub of India, and after the Pandemic to get control and stop further spread of covid 19 viruses. It is essential to stop tourist movement in the city and to isolate the public from the crowd. As cases in Varanasi had also increased to a huge number, inter-district transportation was stopped, and the government completely shut down all the public places, tourist places, and temples of Varanasi to ensure the safety of the citizens.

Later, when the government removed lockdown in different stages, the government still issued several guidelines to ensure safety.

Covide-19 case control

Varanasi latest Covid Cases news

After the opening of lockdown 2.0 and the beginning of the vaccination program, the cases had rapidly decreased in Varanasi, not only in Varanasi, and the cases had declined rapidly in the whole state of Uttar Pradesh.

The last Covid case reported in Varanasi was around three weeks ago, and till now, there have been no new cases in Varanasi city.

We can say that this is due to the government guidelines and mega vaccination programs.

Coronavirus case in Varanasi

Varanasi now had new covid cases as per records and news. From the past 3 weeks, there has been not a single Covid 19 infected person in the city of Varanasi. But this is the present scenario of Varanasi.

But when the second wave of the pandemic hit India, Varanasi also faced the worst situation.

On 27th April 2021, the cases found in a single day were around 32,000, and many of them lost their lives due to covid 19. Now the conditions are going to be expected, but still, people had to take necessary precautions, and the graph of the covid 19 in Varanasi city is mentioned below-

Covide cases in varanasi

How Varanasi control covid cases?

Varanasi is a vast city, and managing such a big city during this pandemic is one of the most difficult tasks. The main challenge for the governing authorities of Uttar Pradesh is to stop the widespread of the virus and reduce the increasing number of cases. As a result, now there are zero cases in Varanasi. This happened due to the steps taken by the government to stop the spread of this virus

  • Complete lockdown of the city during the peak of the virus
  • Closing all public places, including temples, hotels, ghats,etc
  • Stoping all transportation services, especially interstate transportation, to stop widespread of the virus
  • Performing door to door Covid 19 tests
  • Running awareness programs related to this pandemic
  • Opening lockdown in several levels and also making people abide guidelines strictly
  • Making vaccination compulsory for all eligible ones, etc.

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