Cookie Run Kingdom-Redeem Coupon Codes (100% Working) (Updated February 2022)

Hello Game Lovers! Here we are going to discuss and describe everything about the Cookie Run Kingdom. If you love to play video games on your smartphone, then you might have heard about the Cookie Run Kingdom game. This is an amazing game, if you still don’t know about this game then also no need to worry because today we will discuss everything related to the Cookie Run Kingdom game in detail like Downloading the game, features of the game, and many more. Not just this only we are also going to help you with 100% working Coupon Codes for the Cookie Run Kingdom Game. So, if you also wanted to use these redeem codes and want to play the game then you are needed to read the complete article.

If you are also looking for the Cookie Run Kingdom Latest Working redeem codes, then you are definitely at the correct place. Today we are going to provide you with free 100% working and safe redeem codes of the Cookie Run Kingdom Game. These Redeem Codes are verified and tested, you won’t face any ban issue by using these redeem codes.

Using Redeem Codes in the Cookie Run Kingdom Game is a great option as the game is very expensive and the in-game purchases of the game are also costly. Therefore, everyone is preferring to use the redeem codes to get rewards and collectibles in the game. These coupon codes are very rare and valid for a few times only. So, you should use these redeem codes as quickly as possible.

We regularly keep posting the updated coupon codes of the Cookie Run Kingdom Game on our website, so it’s better if you bookmark our website. These codes are exclusively available on our website and these codes are 100% valid and legal. These codes were officially released by the developers of the Cookie Run Kingdom Game to promote and encourage the players’ community to play this game. Hence, there is no chance of getting banned using these redeem codes.

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As we had mentioned above these Coupon codes cum redeem codes were published and released by the official creators of the game or the developers of the game that is Devsisters Corporation. The company releases some unique coupon codes from time to time to motivate and attract the players to the game. Not just this only sometimes, the company releases so many rewarding coupon codes which offer high in-game rewards to attract the players in the game to spend time in the game.

These coupon codes are very rare and you can figure out them by looking into them, these coupon codes are a long character mix of alphabets and numerals. The combination of the alphabets and numerals make each and every coupon code unique and different from another one and hence there are millions of coupon codes possible for this.

So, Guys here we are going to provide the 100% Free and Working Redeem Codes for the Cookie Run Kingdom Game, these all codes were tested and updated as per February 2022. If you want to use these coupon codes, then you can definitely pick any of the codes from here. Some of the top working coupon codes are-

  • CK1STANNIVERSARY – 5,000 Crystals and 3,000 Rainbow Cubes
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD1 – 1,000 Crystals
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD2 – 3 Special Cookie Cutters
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD3 – 100 Level 6 Star Jellies
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD4 – 30 Time Jumpers
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD5 – 3 of each Aurora items
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD6 – 3 Magic Cookie Cutters
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD7 – 500 Rainbow Cubes
  • GOMAGICOVENEVENT – 500 Crystals
  • WEMADECKTOGETHER – 3,000 Crystals

Here are some of the expired coupon codes, which you can also try and use in your Cookie Run Kingdom Game.

  • 2021KRGAMEAWARDS – 5,000 Crystals, 1,000 Rainbow Cubes, 1000 cold Crystals
  • 30MILLIONKINGDOM – 3,000 Crystals, 3,000 Rainbow Cubes
  • GETUR1SUGARGNOME – 1 Sugar Gnome
  • GETUR3SUGARGNOME – 3 Sugar Gnome
  • GETUR5SUGARGNOME – 5 Sugar Gnome
  • GETUR7SUGARGNOME – 7 Sugar Gnome
  • SAMSUNGCRKINGDOM – 1,000 Crystals
  • KINGDOMNBLUECLUB – 500 Crystals
  • IELLBHSLKSKZHBGD – 3 Special Cookie Cutters
  • WELCOMETOKINGDOM – 500 Crystals
  • KINGDOMWELOVEYOU – 500 Crystals
  • HAPPY100DAYSGIFT – Profile picture, 30 Level 10 Star Jellies, 100 Topping Pieces and 1,000 Crystals
  • KINGDOMBLUECLUB – 500 Crystals
  • REALTOUGHCOOKIES – 500 Crystals
  • KINGDOMWITHSONIC – 1,000 Crystals
  • COOKIECHICKENRUN – 500 Crystals
  • PARFAITSUBSCRIBE – 1,000 Crystals
  • DONTNEEDTOPPINGS – 1,000 Crystals
  • BESTGAMEAWARDTHX – 3,000 Crystals
  • COOKANGJIKINGDOM – 300 Crystals
  • COOSEBOMEKINGDOM – 300 Crystals
  • JJONDEUKEECOOKIE – 300 Crystals
  • RUSWKGMLKINGDOM6 – 300 Crystals
  • 12THBRAVEDAY0612 – 1,200 Crystals
  • OPENSILVERBUTTON – 1,000 Crystals, 200 Horns and 20 Searing Keys
  • 2CHAMCOOKINGDOM2 – 500 Crystals
  • KINGDOMIAMSIXTAN – 500 Crystals
  • KINGDOMYUNIKO720 – 500 Crystals
  • KINGDOMBERYLLULU – 500 Crystals
  • POONGDENGKINGDOM – 500 Crystals
  • CHIMNPERLKINGDOM – 500 Crystals
  • SOQCESWVJWEKZDVB – 1,000 Crystals
  • TIYSVCUKYDPPHTNP – 50,000 Coins
  • XZUEYBACYHUKVRMD – 2 Treasure Tickets
  • DOMINOCOOKINGDOM – 500 Crystals

If you also want to use these coupon codes in the Cookie Run Kingdom Game, then you should read the steps which we are going to discuss now. So, here are all the steps as-

  1. First of all, you need to note down your Player ID from the game. You need to open the game and then follow up on the game info and copy the player ID from there.
  1. Now, you will need to open the Coupon Redeem Page of the Cookie Run Kingdom game, you can access the website from the link given below.


  1. Now, you need to enter your DevPlay Account Number and the 16 Character Coupon Code.
  2. Now, you can definitely to click on the “Claim Reward” button.
  3. The rewards will be transferred to the player’s ID in 24-48 hours.

Cookie Run Kingdom Game is a strategy and adventure game on the Play Store now. This is a simulator game in which you can Build your Cookie Kingdom and the team. This is an epic town-building game and this game contains lots of adventure in the Cookie Run Kingdom Game, this game comes under the RPG genre. This game allows you to build your dream town in which you could decorate and build your cookie empire with a magic laboratory.

If you want to know more about this Cookie Run Kingdom Game, then you are requested to refer to the table given below-

Name of the GameCookie Run Kingdom
GenreAdventure and RPG
DeveloperDevsisters Corporation
Version 2.6.202
Size of the Game790 MB
Released on19th January 2021
Game Download LinkGoogle Play Store- Apple App Store- 

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. Where can I redeem the Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Code?

You will need to go to the official Coupon redeem website of the game, here we are giving the links as-

  1. How many Coupon Codes can I redeem in an ID?

You can only use one Redeem code per ID in the Cookie Run Kingdom game. If you try to use more than one code in an ID then it will become invalid.

  1. What is the total download size of the Cookie Run Kingdom Game for Android?

The Cookie Run Kingdom Game download size is about 790 MBs. You can download it from the Google Play Store from the link given below-


In the above, we had talked about everything about the Cookie Run Kingdom Coupon Codes in detail. If you are also interested in using coupon codes in the Cookie Run Kingdom Game, then you should read the complete article above thoroughly. You should also bookmark our website because we keep updating the coupon codes on our website.

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