Arts and Craft of Banaras

Either you name it “Banaras”, “Banaras” or, “Varanasi“. The city will hold its uniqueness like no other city can come up with. The Arts and Crafts of Benaras are truly diversified. From the Benarasi Saree to the “Kaanch ki Chudiya” we love each and every turn of Banaras Craft.

Banaras is also known as the Cultural Capital of India. A combination of River, Mythological beliefs and Art & Craft makes every tourist visit this place at least once in their life. The Banaras city welcomes everyone with their whole heart and the famous “Banaras Paan”. Must try once in your lifetime.

There is a difference of vision how every single human being looks at Art. But, If you visit Banaras then our Banaras Art and Craft will serve you with historical places filled with ancient art, ancient monuments and, Clothes, Antiques and, Music and Dance. The food of Banaras is delicious and healthy. The city has a lot of river bodies and many mythological beliefs of People attached to that river.

The City is also widely known for the hand-looming in Clothing Sector. The Biggest Indian Carpet Factory lies here and they have the highest-selling of hand-loomed Carpets all among the world.

Clothes –

The excellent artistry of Banaras Art & Craft is truly reflected in the Clothes of Banaras such as Banaras Saree and Suits. The Banaras Saree is famous all among India for its fine fabric, silk, and glorious embroidery. The Banaras Saree was discovered by Mughals and it was made with a mixture of two different Cultures.

The Craftsmen prepare each and every single piece of saree with their own skills, Designs, and talent which consist of every minute detailing like palu, gota work, jhallar, and flowers and hand weaving patterns on the saree. You should surely get one and you can pair it with the famous “Kaanch ki Chudiya” to look classy.

Antique & Jewellery

The art of imagination is filled here and not only in the imagination the craftsmen of Banaras also show their imagination in antique and Jewelry. The fancy historical vase or the decorative item is built here. “kal balta’ and ‘khinbab’ are some examples of it. Decorating items and murtis are built here with every single detail and come out as beautiful antiques.

The jewelry of Banaras is also very famous and is specialized here only. The Banaras city has the largest number of Bangle factories which sell beautiful bangles of different materials, designs, and patterns. The famous “Kaanch ki Chudiya” is also made in these factories with great art. The whole culture and love reflect on the jewelry of Banaras.

Music & Dance

There is no other way to define art like Music and Dance and Banaras Music and Dance has surely made us all fall in love with it. The all-time favorite music such as ‘Bidesia’, ‘Lachri’, ‘Badhaiya’, ‘Fauwara’, ‘Gauri’, ‘Ghori’, ‘Lachchan’, ‘Maand’, ‘Sawani’ and ‘Kajri’ all belongs to the Culture Capital of India.

Some of the ancient dance cultures that are till now present in India also belong to Banaras such as ‘Dhamar’, ‘Hori’, ‘Chaturang’, ‘Jhoola’, ‘Jhoomer’, ‘Kajri’, ‘Dangal’, ‘Gulab Bari’. The culture of Dance and Music has been till date maintained and it is beautiful to enjoy it in some of the greatest music festivals.

The wide range of art and Craft of Banaras does not end here. There is a lot left and yet to be discovered and if you get a chance to visit Banaras you will surely discover more art at every place of Banaras.

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